Nam Thanh provides limited warranty service for all Mercusys products distributed by Nam Thanh. The warranty covers damage to the device body, antenna and power supply unit due to faulty components or manufacturing. The warranty does not cover the product packaging, cables, software, technical data and other accessories.

Nam Thanh will renew warranty equipment in the form of 1 for 1 exchangefor products that fully meet the Mercusys Limited Warranty Regulations

The highest value of the warranty and return of Mercusys from Nam Thanh will be equal to or not higher than the selling price of the device.


1.      Warranty subject

– A direct purchase agent at the Company

– Agents do not buy directly from the company

– The end consumer has a product that is sold by Nam Thanh company.

2.      Warranty period:

Devices in different product categories will have different warranty periods based on the table below:


Product portfolio

Warranty period for end users


24 months

3. Warranty return time:

3.1 Customers in Hanoi  (Customers send and receive warranty directly at No. 38 TT4A Van Quan Urban – Yen Phuc – Phuc La – Ha Dong – Hanoi)

–  Customers who bring defective products directly to Nam Thanh will be checked and renewed within 24 hours.

General Note:

– Warranty return time does not include holidays and Sundays

– Time to receive goods under warranty: All days of the week except holidays, Saturday afternoon, Sunday.

3.2 Customers in provinces  (Customers send and receive warranty indirectly through garages, delivery services…)

– Time to return warranty does not exceed 03 days from the date of receipt of warranty goods. (03 days to pack and send warranty goods via garage, delivery …).

Some notes for customers in provinces:

– Customers bear the shipping cost for warranty goods, Nam Thanh Company bears the freight for returning warranty goods (01 way) – Applicable to customers who are Agents who have signed a contract in principle.

– Customers can use the courier service to the warranty delivery address (  No. 38 TT4A Van Quan Urban – Yen Phuc – Phuc La – Ha Dong – Hanoi) or Nam Thanh Company will arrange staff pick up warranty goods at shipping points in Hanoi.

– Goods sent (returned goods) with warranty must be packed in a box with a delivery note clearly stating the date, type, quantity, and serial number. In case the quantity of warranty goods actually received (or returned) does not match the attached delivery note, Nam Thanh Company (or the customer) will be responsible for notifying immediately so that the two parties can coordinate to compare and resolve. . After 03 days from the date of receipt of goods under warranty, all complaints about the lack of goods by both parties are not valid.

– Before sending goods (or returning goods) must notify (mail, chat, call) to the warranty staff (if sending (returning) at the shipping point).

3.3 Some special cases

–  In case there is no warranty return or the type of product is no longer distributed. Customers will be exchanged for another product of equal value and use value as agreed between the two parties.

4.    Nam Thanh warranty center:

– Location: Nam Thanh Engineering and Technology Joint Stock Company – Address: No. 38 TT4A Van Quan Urban – Yen Phuc – Phuc La – Ha Dong – Hanoi.

– Warranty team leader: Mr. Nam, contact phone number: 0243.7834530 or 0943136014.


–  Technical support for customers such as telephone support with installation guide questions, product information, will be provided but not under warranty. The warranty only covers hardware failures that occur under normal use during the warranty period.

The following cases are considered as breach of warranty conditions:

a. The device’s warranty has expired.

b. The device is not distributed/sold by Nam Thanh;

c. The product has been interfered with, repaired or changed by an individual/organization not authorized by Nam Thanh;

d. The Serial Number has been tampered with, torn, faded, or removed;

e. Warranty stamp (if any) has been torn or removed;

f. Damage caused by accident, natural disaster, accidental or intentional misuse or misuse, failure to maintain or improper maintenance, or use under abnormal conditions;

g. Damage caused by the user or the product being soaked in water;

h. Damage caused by use or storage under conditions beyond those described in detail in the Instructions for Use;

i. Damage caused by the use of parts not manufactured or sold/distributed by Nam Thanh;

j. Using third-party software on Mercusys . products

k. Damage caused by the use of third-party software or by viruses;

l. Software and data are lost during repair or replacement;

The above warranty policy is officially applied by Nam Thanh Technology Joint Stock Company from January 1, 2020. All previous warranties contrary to the above regime are no longer valid.

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