1.   Object of warranty

–   Agent buying goods directly at the Company

–   Agents do not buy directly from the company

–   Ultimate Consumer

2.    Warranty period:

–    24 months warranty.

3.    Warranty return time:

–   For Rapoo products
–   For products that have been sold within 01 month, if defective, Nam Thanh commits to immediately exchange for a 100% new product.

+ For products sold for more than 01 month, Nam Thanh will exchange for equivalent products during the warranty period.3.1 Customers in Hanoi (Customers send and receive warranty directly at  No. 38 TT4A Urban Van Restaurant – Yen Phuc – Phuc La – Ha Dong – Hanoi)+ Return warranty within 03 working days from the date of receipt for all Rapoo products
General Note: – Warranty return time does not include holidays and Sundays – Time to receive goods under warranty: All days of the week except holidays, Saturday afternoon, Sunday.
3.2 Customers in provinces (Customers send and receive warranty indirectly through garages, delivery services …)– The warranty period is applied as above plus 02 days to pack and send warranty goods via garage, delivery … –  In case the customer  sends the strip for many days in a row or sends many warranty products at the same time, the warranty return time is calculated according to the time of the product with the longest warranty period but not exceeding 07 working days. work from the date of receipt.
Some notes for customers in provinces:– Customers bear the cost of sending warranty goods, Nam Thanh Company bears the cost of sending and returning warranty goods (01 way) – Applicable to customers who are Agents with a contract in principle.– Customers can use the courier service to the warranty delivery address (  No. 38 TT4A Van Quan Urban – Yen Phuc – Phuc La – Ha Dong – Hanoi) or Nam Thanh Company will arrange staff pick up warranty goods at shipping points in Hanoi.– Goods sent (returned goods) with warranty must be packed in a box with a delivery note clearly stating the date, type, quantity, and serial number. In case the quantity of warranty goods actually received (or returned) does not match the attached delivery note, Nam Thanh Company (or the customer) will be responsible for notifying immediately so that the two parties can coordinate to compare and resolve. . After 03 days from the date of receipt of goods under warranty, all complaints about the lack of goods by both parties will be null and void.– Before sending goods (or returning goods) must notify (mail, chat, call) to the warranty staff (if sending (returning) at the shipping point)
3.3 Some special cases:
–  In case there is no warranty return or the product category is no longer distributed. Customers will be paid with another product of equal value and use value as agreed between the two parties. – In case of disagreement on equivalent products, Nam Thanh Company will refund money according to the following plan:

4. Nam Thanh warranty center:

– Location: Nam Thanh Technology and Technology Joint Stock Company – Address:  No. 38 TT4A Van Quan Urban – Yen Phuc – Phuc La – Ha Dong – Hanoi.

– Warranty team leader: Mr.Nam, contact phone number: 0243.7834527  or 0943136014.


–   All products distributed by Nam Thanh Company

–    Products within the warranty period are based on the series of products sold

–    Warranty only for products used under normal conditions and due to manufacturer’s fault.

–    In addition to the above conditions, Nam Thanh Company will receive repair services according to the prior agreement between the two parties.

The following cases are considered as breach of warranty conditions:

1.    Product is consumed during use: (battery, signal wire, controller)

2.    Invalid serial number, bar code (unreadable blurred, scraped, repaired, torn, peeled, …)

3.    Defective products due to force majeure (flood, abnormal power supply….)

4.    Defective product due to customer error (drop, impact, improper transportation/installation, improper storage and use conditions of the manufacturer with signs of insect invasion, oxygen, etc.) goods, self-repair within the warranty period)

The above warranty policy is officially applied by Nam Thanh Technology and Technology Joint Stock Company from January 1, 2022. All previous warranties contrary to the above regime are no longer valid.


Currently on the market there are a number of counterfeit Rapoo branded products, causing damage to consumers and Rapoo’s reputation. To help customers identify genuine products, Rapoo offers a form of checking the product’s serial number directly on the website Consumers enter the Serial number to check if their Rapoo product is genuine or not.

Step 1: Find the Serial Number of the Rapoo product

The Serial number of Rapoo products (including wireless mouse products, wireless keyboards, wireless keyboard mouse sets) can be found on the product packaging.

Step 2: Enter the Serial number in the search box

Enter the correct Serial number in the search box below to check the genuine Rapoo product: