Warehouse: Nam Thanh has a warehouse with a total area of ​​1,200m2. Goods are scientifically arranged to help control goods well, ensuring the continuity of the delivery process.

Minimize transportation and distribution costs.

Facilities that meet the standards of storage and preservation of goods

Modern software system to manage and monitor live data

Product supply and demand forecasting

Consulting and inventory management

Sorting and packing goods

Logistics: Fast delivery system (import, domestic transportation).

Import department ensures the import of goods from partners to Nam Thanh warehouse.

Coordination, warehouse and transportation department ensures the goods from Nam Thanh warehouse to agents and customers.

The system of trucks delivers goods to the dealer quickly, along with a fleet of motorbikes to meet the urgent orders of customers.

Nam Thanh also cooperates with shipping units nationwide to deliver goods to provinces (Viettel post, Economical delivery, and hundreds of garages…). Along with that, it is necessary to develop regulations on delivery time (customer policy) so that the delivery process is most efficient and customers can take the initiative in receiving goods.

Nam Thanh has built a distribution system based on effective geographical and customer factors in each business brand:

Receiving and processing orders Cargo transportation Logistics network – sales based on demand Manage returns and recalls Payment account management Credit control, invoicing and collection After-sale service.